With the support of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, Beijing Chinese-Foreign Translation & Information Service Co., Ltd. (CTIS) engages in translation cause and service experience with professional customization of industry solution, dedicates to build a "National Translation Team" with mastery at home and abroad. Founded in 1983, with over 30 years history, CTIS was the Translation Service Department of Translators Association of China. It focused on promoting the exchange and cooperation for Chinese and foreign cultures, and provided services for domestic enterprise and public institutions on foreign exchanges from the beginning of China's reform. In 1993, it became a translation service company as an independent legal entity through official registration.

Over the last 30 years CTIS has been focusing on none other than Translate with abundant translation capabilities and resources. Its headquarters was set up in CIPG which is known as the "China's Foreign Language City" and enjoys high reputation and prestige in the translation field. Many famous translators worked and lived there, such as Yang Xianyi, Gladys B.Tayler, Mark Epstein, Ye Junjian, and Sidney Shapiro. Relying on the translation experience of CIPG for over ten years' accumulation and the translation talent resources and industrial advantage of Translators Association of China managed by CIPG, CTIS has gathered well-known translators at home and abroad and international famous sinologists as well as persons related to foreign think tank and international translation organizations, forming an authoritative, professional and all-around brain trust to help.

Our company works on multilingual bi-directional translation and interpretation services all the year round, covering more than 30 languages including the majority languages of English, Japanese, Russian, French, Germany and Spanish, as well as the minority language like Swedish and Arabic. We have more than 20,000 translators around the world who in total produce over a million words each day, with content involving tens of fields including culture, politics, economy, medicine and science and technology. In the meantime, the company has introduced market-oriented management experience and seasoned customer managers and project managers are ready to wholeheartedly provide quality, efficient and all-around translation service. With over thirty years' translation experience witnessed by company's effective industry solutions, its excelsior professional ethics and authoritative translation quality have won it the general trust of government agencies, social institutions, large-scale enterprises, multinational corporations, international organizations and personal users, as well as a good reputation in the industry.

In 2014, the company started the project of CTIS translator bank with Translators Association of China, aiming at collecting translation talent resources at home and abroad and building a talent think tank matched with translation levels of a "National Team", thus putting the best translation into the operation of the company. Meanwhile, we will place unceasing efforts in cultivating the translators' ability of "understand both one's country and the world", and drive the development of high-end translation strength. We are making great efforts serving the policy of presenting Chinese culture, while telling China's story and transmitting China's voice as well as showing China's image.

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