English Proofreader (Freelance)

Job Description:

Provide quality assurance for the translated documents we provide on a timely manner.


1、Native speaker, Chinese skill is a big plus;

2、Working knowledge of translation industry is a plus;

3、Flexible in time and actively responsive;

4、High level of accuracy, positive personality and responsible.

Advanced EnglishTranslators (part-time)

Job Description:

Work with the company's team to complete translation tasks on time with good quality, extract the terms, and make final compilation and editing.

Job Requirements:

1. Solid English skills, English major with bachelor degree or above, national authorized qualification certificate is a plus;

2. Over five years' full-time or part-time translation experience is a must, applicant should be good at inter-translation between English and Chinese and have good literary skills;

3. High level of integrity, practical and responsible, dedicated to the work. Translation software (such as Trados) user is a plus;

4. Those that have passed the test will have long-term cooperation with our company with high payment.

French, Germany, Russian, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese Translators

Job Description:

Complete translation task on time with good quality, extract the terms, and make final compilation and editing.


1. Over three years' translation and interpretation experience is a must;

2. International authorized grade test certificate is a plus;

3. Honest, sincere, steady, careful and responsible;

4. Experience of living or studying overseas is a plus;

5. Workplace is not required, easy to get in touch.

CTIS translator bank is looking forward to your participation!

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