Mr. Xu Mingqiang

Awarded "Senior Translator" by the Translators Association of China

Former Editor-in-chief of Foreign Languages Press

Former Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-chief of Long River Press of America

Mr. Xu Mingqiang working as the senior translator (second-grade) of Foreign Language Press is an expert (English translation) entitled to the special government allowance of the State Council. His main achievements include the final draft of English translation of the catalogue for the opening and closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, and the final draft of English screenplay translation for the opera Farewell My Concubine that was performed in America, and the final draft of translation of English edition DVD Chinapedia (the first English encyclopedia in China) where he worked as an Executive Chief Editor.

As a senior high-level translator, Xu Mingqiang has completed translations of Constitution and White Paper, and participated in the translation work of the fifth volume of Selected Works of Mao Tsetung as well as many government files and Party's conference reports. Aside from the politics based reading sourcebooks and materials, he has also contributed a great deal to the translation of books on cultures, such as the books of Encyclopedia Americana and One Hundred Kinds of Chinese Series; in addition, he has written English book editions including China Travel Kit Series — Beijing to promote Chinese culture to the world; he's also edited translation reference books such as Chinese-English Vocabulary of Foreign Affairs. However, what has impressed Xu Mingqiang much is his translation work (the English translation of closing ceremony was finalized by Xu Mingqiang) for the programs of Olympic Games opening ceremony and the English subtitles translations for the opera, Farewell My Concubine.

Translation is not only a skill but also funny and interesting. Xu Mingqiang warned the young that a good translator comes with diligence, a large quantity of reading and constant accumulation; only with this concept can a translator understand the original texts and profoundly attain the translation in fidelity, fluency , elegance. A qualified translator shall reserve abundant knowledge and keep a watchful eye on the development and change between the English and Chinese cultures while looking into them. Let's take the new word "山寨(shanzhai)" for example; if it is translated into English in a paraphrase, the sentence will be long and hard to understand, but if the translator knows that the English word "clone" exactly has the meaning of "shanzhai", the problem can be readily solved.

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