Mr. Lin Wusun

One of the famous Chinese-foreign language translators in China

Awarded the senior translator by the Translators Association of China (TAC)

Won the highest honor in translation world — "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation"

Mr. Lin Wusun had ever studied sequentially in Tianjin, Shanghai and Calcutta of India. He went to America in 1946 and returned home in the early 1950s to participate in the Korean War. As one of the famous Chinese-foreign language translators in China, Lin Wusun has achieved high attainment, whose main teaching orientation is advanced Chinese-English translation. In January 2002, he was awarded senior translator by TAC, and in 2011 he won the highest honor in translation circle — "Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation".

Lin Wusun successively worked as the editor of the political group of English People's China and was leader of communication group of People's China, and was frequently temporarily transferred to China Radio International (CRI) for English contributions. He took part in the establishment of Beijing Review in 1958 and the composition for international issue column. In the early 1950s, he went to North Korea twice as the translator for the Red Cross Group and Explanation Delegation. Around that period, he served as a simultaneous interpreter for the Asia-Pacific Regional Peace Conference (in 1952) and the 8th CPC National Congress (in 1956). In the 1980s, he held the post of Deputy Editor-in-chief and provisional Head of Beijing Review. In 1988, Mr. Lin Wusun was the Director of CIPG as well as the Senior Vice Chairman of TAC. During that period, he finalized many times the important Chinese-English manuscripts of translation for central government, and became Director of the National Evaluation Committee of Series Advanced Professional Titles of Translation.

After retiring in 1994, he continued to contribute to the development and growth of China's translation cause, when he had consecutively served as a member of International Federation of Translators, Director of Chinese-Foreign Language Translation Committee, Director of Translation Theories and Translation Teaching Committee of Translators Association of China as well as the Editor-in-chief of Chinese Translators Journal. In addition, he has delivered many papers on various domestic and foreign translation academic conferences and given lessons in universities throughout China.

Most of Mr. Lin Wusun's translation works are Chinese-English editions, which have contributed much for introducing China to the world. His works are The Art of War, Sun Bin's Art of War, The Analects, Nanking Massacre, Tibet, Precious Historical Treasures of the Potala Palace, Silk Road, etc.

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